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We believe everything is about the real value we create for people!

Therefore all our efforts and decisions are based on real feedback of buying customers. Not on an extensive powerpoint presentation and the consensus of internal people, but on real customer experience. We accept that 95% of our new ideas and startups will fail.

 1.    Be completely customer obsessed

It is all about creation of real and lasting value for the customer, that is our reason for being. If we do not create value for the customer there is no reason for being. That is why we are obsessed with the customer and her/his behaviour.

 2.    Have fun and be a bit crazy

This is all about not taking yourself too seriously. Building a new venture requires a lot of time and effort and can be by times nerve wrecking. Therefore it is very important that we have fun along the way and we work with people who are a bit crazy!

 3.    Pursue growth and learning

What was relevant 3 years ago, is irrelevant today and what is relevant today will be irrelevant in 2 years from now. With the increasing speed of changes in technology and society, it is imperative that every individual and every organization has the focus on continuous growth and learning to prevent becoming irrelevant.

 4.    Have a desire for creation

We are looking for people who get excited when they can create something new, something they can be proud of and show around. Be adventurous and open-minded: You can never know what the next breakthrough idea will be. The recent history has shown us that real disruption comes from the most unexpected places. That is why we always have to be adventurous and open-minded when we are dealing with new people and crazy ideas.

 5.    Positive team in total freedom

For us it is very important to build a positive team which operates in total freedom. The most important thing is the output your to the table. How you get to your output is totally up to you. Some people are night owls and some very early birds. Some people like to work at the beach, some prefer a dull office. We need to make clear agreements on our output, how we get there is totally up to you.

 6.    Be humble

This one is maybe the most important and one of the most common reasons why many companies fail, both small startups and big corporates. The moment we think we know it all, the moment we think that we cannot fail, that is the moment that everything ends and starts to crumble. We are all human beings who fail continuously and that is ok. More important is that we acknowledge that fact and make sure that we put our egos aside and focus on real progress wherever and from whomever that may come.